University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+

VentureVillage partners with HY+ to bring the best in Pedagogy training to India

As a fully owned company by the University of Helsinki, HY+ has been providing continuing education and development services for both organisations and individuals in Finland and abroad for decades. The company has an evidence based track record in creating individually designed training programmes, and managing various development programmes to enhance the capabilities and competences of the partnering organisations. One of HY+’s missions is to encourage life-long learning as a habit for securing your future in the changing world.

Clean Kerala Company Limited

VentureVillage partners with CKCL to bring synergy into their efforts through the GreenCity WasteManagement program

Clean Kerala Company Limited, formed under the Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala, is being coined with the objective of ensuring hygiene management of the state through the adoption of innovative and scientific methods and proven technology, adhering to the concept of  active participation of the public and private sectors. The company aims to ensure comprehensive management of all harmful rejections in the state, thereby ensuring that the hygiene of the state is never compromised

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