Students of Grade 6 and 7 present ideas on waste segregation, Finland Education


GreenCity imbibes in children the Nordic mindset on waste management. Through workshops and activities, the course will also alter their perspective on waste materials, from considering it an inconvenience to viewing waste as raw materials.

GreenCity focuses on:

  • Different categories of waste and their re-usability
  • Effects of plastics on the top soil and in water bodies
GreenCity VentureVillage Education Finland

Classroom Sessions

6-10 Class room sessions

Ideation Session

1 Day session for validating and presenting ideas to school management on waste management


The year round activities will empower students to create an action plan to keep their campus plastic free and will encourage them to champion environmental causes from a very young age.

Students of Grade 6 and 7 attend GreenCity by VentureVillage, FInland Education

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