Ready to change your life and invest in yourself?

As an organization focusing on bringing lasting positive social change in the society, through this program VentureVillage aims to equip and educate the next generation of social entrepreneurs


A unique and groundbreaking course focusing on Social Entrepreneurship


Finish the program with a clear Business plan to guide you​


Our main objectives:

  • Provide a structured program for the young entrepreneurs to equip them with the knowledge required to start their own venture
  • Educate and guide the youth on how to identify the problems and work on them  to create opportunities for growth and upliftment of the society
  • Provide a space using automated business plan creators,  solution screening tools to plan, re-plan and reflect on what they have done till now 
  • Point out the differentiating factors in social entrepreneurship when compared to normal entrepreneurship
  • Point out the challenges, opportunities and lasting impact that a social enterprise can bring to their community and society as a whole
  • Provide a platform to learn together and identify partners with complementing skills to join the entrepreneurial journey

Your learning journey with us

Key Highlights

  • Life time access to the course
  • Online course spread out through a months time
  • Focus on Social entrepreneurship
  • Focus on activities which analyses market demandvalidates idea and help in identifying ideal financial instruments to get funding.
  • Live interactions with social entrepreneurs and change makers
  • Focus on streamlining ideas in to viable business plan
  • Automated Wizards which allows you to create business plans and business model canvas
  • Based on the ideas, our focus is to equip participants to finish the course with a MVP(Minimum Viable Product)

Course Structure

In this course Venture Village introduces a path breaking format in online education which goes beyond viewing videos and marking answers. This course includes

  • 10 Key modules on entrepreneurship (e-learning materials, videos and activities )
  • Assignments at every key step
  • Automated wizards with the course allows you to create and export your business plan and other key documents
  • Discussion with in team in online learning platform
  • Live interactions with real entrepreneurs who can guide you


  • You are committed to develop your idea/organisation for social change
  • You need to be above 18 years of age
  • You need to have an idea or you are the Founder/Co-Founder of an early-stage social enterprise (0-5 years)
  • You have at least 2 to 3 hours per week to spend time on the course
  • Your idea/organisation should have a strong focus on measurable social impact


The course available for

  • Individual entrepreneurs
  • A group/team of entrepreneurs who are working towards the same goal
  • For institutions/colleges who want to offer courses for students

The course is available through VentureVillage’s learning platform in every device. Access from your mobile, desktop or laptop.

If you are a team or an institution please contact us to decide on the pricing.

Course Language : English