Need a weekly and daily planner for your students or children to help them plan their weekly or daily chores?. You can download the planner as a PDF here.

How to you use this planner?

  • Weekly Planner
    • Sit with the children on a Sunday morning and help them plan their week ahead
    • List out the major activities they need to complete or main study materials they need to cover etc
    • Given the choices, as it is their list. For every point you suggest, let your child enter one for themselves
  • Daily Planner
    • Keeping the weekly planner you prepared with your child as reference, tell your child to plan out their day at the start of each day.
    • Let them doodle in or write things as they please
    • Before going to bed, ask them to mark how they felt about the day as well as how many glasses of water they have been drinking.
    • Before going to bed, ask them to write down quotes or inspirational things they learned on that day
    • Ask them to include everything from studies, extracurricular activities etc in to the To do list


  • Take print outs of the pages and keep it in order so that one weekly planner is followed by 7 daily pages.
  • In case you are interested in doing this on a journal book, feel free to follow the format. Give your child the freedom to draw and represent the format in their own way in the book.
  • These planners, when collected and stored for a week, month or a year can provide you and your child an opportunity to reflect and look back on how the previous year or month went.
  • Putting in stickers or attaching photos will make it so much fun for your children.

Have a great time, planning this out with your child. But always remember this is their planner and they have complete freedom to keep and maintain it as they wish!!

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