“Being an entrepreneur I have observed that people who take the risk to start their own business are high on ideas and welcome any kind of innovative perspective too. I personally believe in happenings and the approach of everyone around, like your team members and founders which will develop yourself to see the other side of the coin and do things in new ways.Nevertheless, the joy and pride of building something from scratch is sure to fill you up with a positive energy which will make you feel good about yourself. The reason I joined VentureVillage is because it is a startup that aims to bring a positive change to the future generation through innovative concepts. ”          –    Vignesh Manoj

Vignesh or Vicky as he is called holds the position of Operation Manager in the organization. He is responsible for the day to day operations at VentureVIllage. He also is responsible for the Business development and leads the overall Sales and partnerships. In case your organization wants to partner with VentureVillage, Vicky is the go to guy.